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25. October, 2006

Priveliges of being single

Although the single life is not only simple, there's certain freedom like going to Hooters - and no questions asked. Tonight it was the 2nd year anniversary of Hooters, and I was accompanied by a Korean classmate. Everything half price, but alas only looking - no touching. Just for the "sport" I asked the phone number of "Vicky" - next to me on the picture, but I got the answer that if she gave it she would be fired, never mind!




好处[-處] hǎochu* n. ①good; benefit; advantage
未婚 wèihūn attr. unmarried; single
自由 zìyóu* n. freedom; liberty ◆s.v. free; unrestrained制 ¹xiànzhì* v. restrict; confine ◆n. restriction; limit; confinement
庆祝[慶-] qìngzhù* v. celebrate
周年 zhōunián n. anniversary
全场[-場] quánchǎng* n. ①the whole audience; all those present
派对[-對] pàiduì n. 〈loan〉 party; gathering
遗憾[遺-] yíhàn* s.v./n. regret; pity
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