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12. October, 2006

Paulainer - Octoberfest

The second largest brewery in Germany, Paulainer has a solid presence
in Shanghai with 3 waterholes. They even brought the traditional
October fest from Germany, although it did not equal to the real thing
showed on a huge wide screen display. "Wurst", "Sauerkraut" and "Senf"
were all in place. From my understanding the band was only on the
opening day, but the festival goes on to Oct 21st at the Fen Yang

Paulainer 啤酒节

Paulainer 是一个德国来的啤酒,和他们在上海有三家酒吧。在啤酒节开幕的时候有德国来的乐队和非常地道的德国菜肴。

开幕[開-] kāimù v.o. ①〈thea.〉 raise the curtain ②open; inaugurate (meeting/etc.)
地道 dìdao s.v. ①from the place noted for a product; genuine ②pure; authentic;
菜肴[-餚] càiyáo* n. 〈wr.〉 ①cooked food ②food eaten with rice or alcoholic drinks
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