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15. October, 2006

The class leader (left), makes sure everyone had (more than) enough to drink!

At the end some people figured out drinking half of a big glass with plum liquor was a good idea. Class leader Jun gave a full glass to our most senior class mate, which had a very profound effect in a matter of minutes. Luckily I managed to pass on that round!



喝醉 hēzuì r.v. get drunk |
学长[學長] xuézhǎng n. ①〈court.〉 fellow student ②〈trad.〉 department/division head in a college/ university
满杯[滿-] mǎnbēi n. a full cup
深刻 shēnkè s.v. deep; profound (in one's heart)
作用 zuòyòng* n. ①action; function ②effect ③intention;
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