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20. September, 2006

Early morning military drills

In order for senior middle school students to proceed with their
studies, a requirement is to take part in military drills. Students in
school uniforms are hurdled around by an authoritative commander. This
daily exercise can be monitored from my apartment window. My
university is luckily not that strict although some teachers insist
that we should sing when we come too late to classes.


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Memories from summer

Apart from the fact that it was a nice sunny day today, with 30
degrees, the Chinese summer passes over to memories. Part of these
memories was cooling materials of bamboo on chairs and on the bed,
air-conditioning, and the marks of wearing nothing but sandals for 4
months straight (note the lighter and darker shades on the pictures of
my foot).


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The classic sandal-tan! Great!
(2006-09-22 07:32)

13. September, 2006

Autumn - a sudden arrival

My teacher told me: ”from looking at you and your classmate from Kazakhstan I can’t really figure out what season it is, you’re in shorts, t-shirt and sandals; him in jeans, woolen sweatshirt, and boots.” Shit the summer is over. Even if it is still around 25+ degrees here, the sudden change down from around 40 makes it feel quite cold. I had a meeting tonight, but it was cancelled because my contact got flu, I take the hint – I should wear warm clothes too.

秋天 -突然来了
我位老师王婵娟告所我"不能看什么季节是,你有短裤子,汗衫,和拖鞋, 但是你的哈萨克斯坦来的同学有牛崽裤,毛衣,和靴子"。糟糕夏天结束了!即使还有25温度这里,我习惯了热天气,和现在是一点冷。我应该有一个会晚上,但是我关系人不可以来因为他跟感冒生病了。我了解情况,我也应该穿热一点的衣服。
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11. September, 2006

My 8 study books

The books looked kind of easy so I was a little nervous I chose a too easy level. However I was blown away by the speed of the class. Maybe it's right after all, as the requirement for entering the class were previous studies of 1500 hours.. In any case I'm about having started my quest to become "a Chinese businessman" (studying Chinese business terminology).

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10. September, 2006

Any norwegians among these names?

The class schedules have been anounced, and I'm looking for my name. Seems I might be the only westerner anyway.
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9. September, 2006

Lethal weapon

I recently asked a Swedish guy why he moved (within Shanghai). It turned out that his company had raised his house allowance from 9000RMB a month to 14000RMB. My rent is 1000RMB (800NOK+variable costs), and it has it's disadvantages. Now after a round of Rapid (insect spray) my apartment is declared bugfree though. However the rats in the "trash room" accross the yard still startle me at times.
Anyway as the Swedish guy rightly concluded, being rich in Shanghai is not required to live a happy life.

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6. September, 2006

The Boss earns his respect

The boss of the gym (to the left) is indeed the boss, also when it
comes to handback. Nobody is messing with the boss,.. except for
haggling about the price maybe =;) 老板是最强在运动馆。
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Time to make amends

My new coach (and friend - Mike) in the gym. Now it's time to get back
into shape, and by Christmas I want to surpass my level from when I
arrived in February. Infrequent training, the hot summer, and lack of
"a routine" made me weak. Besides I'm broadening my vocabulary. In the
picture Mike is "spotting", and to do it right he is "squatting".

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Healthy life

Healthy and easy. Tunafish in olive oil and crispbread gives plenty of
fibers, healthy fats, proteins and creatine. 新生活简单,又健康。
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Same same, but different

My favourite food, the Knock out pie from Peppes Pizza was a real treat. It would however unlikely knock out anyone since it was not as spicy at all, and after all Chinese people accustomed to spicy food. Apart from that it was very good and genuine.

More worringly the sour cream sauce was not white! and tasted a little like Thousand Island? However it was perfect at the opening party, so I hope this was merely a small inconsistancy.

击倒派, 真好,但是比在挪威不一样辣
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