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31. October, 2006

On the doorstep to heaven

A picture can hardly justify a good massage, but beyond these doors there’s an atmosphere and service that makes me smile. Not one of those grins you would find on my face, but an inner smile in my mind and body – a sensation of complete wellbeing. TIMES magazine wrote this summer that even if you come here only 1 day, Dragonfly should be on your itinerary, and that’s a good review when you’re located in Shanghai! With me I had Randal Eastman, Vice President of Dragonfly. He kindly treated me this time, because I provided some feedback; an example of customer service at its best.


一次舒适的按摩不可能在一张照片上体现,但是他们提供了我一个温馨的气氛和良好的服务,使我十分满意,像是我发自内心的微笑,彻底的体验到了按摩所带来的安乐感。今年夏天TIMES杂志写道,“假如你只能在上海旅行一天,Dragonfly仍然值得你去一次”。我认为如果你生活在上海,你一定还想再去Dragonfly。跟我一起去的是他们的副总裁Randal Eastman,这次是他请客的,因为我以前给他的公司提供了一些有用的反馈。
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29. October, 2006

The chef!

Chinese eat all their meals with chopsticks (/spoon), so they are not
used to eating beefsteak. The 2 kilo beef tenderloin of the highest
quality rated cost 90RMB pr kilo (70+ NOK)! The venue of the party was
Paal's place as he has a great kitchen with oven!, and space to host a
lot of people. With simple measures I made oven baked potatoes and
steak, and the key to success was the (not so healthy) cream-blue
cheese mushroom sauce. The tricky part in China can be finding the
ingredients. The title refers to the book of super chef Jamie Oliver's
book of the same name (I have an electronic copy), or..
More photos at www.eivindhagen.com



筷子 kuàizi n. chopsticks M:¹shuāng/¹fù
匙子 ²chízi n. spoon M:¹bǎ
举办[舉辦] jǔbàn* v. conduct; hold; run; sponsor
烤炉[-爐] kǎolú n. oven M:²zhī
容纳[-納] róngnà v. ①have the capacity for; accommodate ②tolerate; take in
食物 ¹shíwù n. food; edibles
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25. October, 2006

Priveliges of being single

Although the single life is not only simple, there's certain freedom like going to Hooters - and no questions asked. Tonight it was the 2nd year anniversary of Hooters, and I was accompanied by a Korean classmate. Everything half price, but alas only looking - no touching. Just for the "sport" I asked the phone number of "Vicky" - next to me on the picture, but I got the answer that if she gave it she would be fired, never mind!




好处[-處] hǎochu* n. ①good; benefit; advantage
未婚 wèihūn attr. unmarried; single
自由 zìyóu* n. freedom; liberty ◆s.v. free; unrestrained制 ¹xiànzhì* v. restrict; confine ◆n. restriction; limit; confinement
庆祝[慶-] qìngzhù* v. celebrate
周年 zhōunián n. anniversary
全场[-場] quánchǎng* n. ①the whole audience; all those present
派对[-對] pàiduì n. 〈loan〉 party; gathering
遗憾[遺-] yíhàn* s.v./n. regret; pity
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19. October, 2006

The past “24 hours”

During the recent holidays I started watching the TV series ”24 hours – season 5” with Jack Bauer and his crew. This exhilarating action series is slightly addictive, and results in much more action on the TV screen than outside of it. In a brief contact with the real world, that I now intend to return to, I came across two of my former classmates from Fudan that had some pretty good job offers at their hands. I’m far from that and ready to make amends during the last two months before Christmas. At the same time I realize that my financial situation allows for one more semester, just as much as my Chinese needs it to reach a desired level of fluency. Nothing is impossible, and now it’s just up to me to accomplish as much as “Jack” in 24 hours (that shit was real, no??).

我终于看完了电视连戏剧“反恐24小时– 第五季”,杰克和他的伙伴。看这电视连戏剧会有一点儿上瘾,在剧中有很多精彩的动作和场面,但糟糕的是在剧外却没有。现在我开始辛苦的学习,还找工作。我现在还没有决定明年该怎么办。一切都没有不可能,现在我就要像杰克在24小时的时间里,有效率的做着一切事情(在电视上的都是真的吧?)

终于[終於] ¹zhōngyú* adv. at (long) last; in the end; finally
戏剧[戲劇] ¹xìjù* n. drama; play; theater
伙/火伴[伙/火-] ¹huǒbàn* n. partner; companion
上瘾[-癮] shàngyǐn* v.o. be addicted (to sth.)
动作[動-] dòngzuò n. movement; motion; action ◆v. act; start moving ◆suf. -ation
场面[場-] chǎngmiàn* n. ①scene; spectacle ②occasion ③appearance; facade ④scope
却[卻] ¹què* adv. ①but; yet ②indeed
效率 xiàolǜ* n. ①efficiency; productiveness②〈lg.〉 validity
事情 shìqing* n. affair; matter; thing; business
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17. October, 2006

My classmates

My class consists of 11 students, and those 8 that was present at the party had their chance to present their best facial grin. Here are the highlights.


咧嘴 liězuǐ v.o. ①grin ②make a face
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15. October, 2006

Schoolmates getting together

My class decided to have a party at a Japanese restaurant, and we were
very happy that 3 out of our 5 teachers could join us. Here at a sober
moment before the food and the alcohol has arrived. Japanese "all you
can eat and drink" is always fun, and with our group I don't think the
restaurant had much profit..



食物 ¹shíwù n. food; edibles
开心[開-] kāixīn* v.o. ①feel happy; rejoice ②make fun of sb. ③be sincere
to others ④enlighten | Bié ná wǒ ∼. Don't make fun of me. ◆s.v. happy
带来[帶來] dàilái r.v. bring; bring about
利润[-潤] lìrùn n. profit
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The class leader (left), makes sure everyone had (more than) enough to drink!

At the end some people figured out drinking half of a big glass with plum liquor was a good idea. Class leader Jun gave a full glass to our most senior class mate, which had a very profound effect in a matter of minutes. Luckily I managed to pass on that round!



喝醉 hēzuì r.v. get drunk |
学长[學長] xuézhǎng n. ①〈court.〉 fellow student ②〈trad.〉 department/division head in a college/ university
满杯[滿-] mǎnbēi n. a full cup
深刻 shēnkè s.v. deep; profound (in one's heart)
作用 zuòyòng* n. ①action; function ②effect ③intention;
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12. October, 2006

Paulainer - Octoberfest

The second largest brewery in Germany, Paulainer has a solid presence
in Shanghai with 3 waterholes. They even brought the traditional
October fest from Germany, although it did not equal to the real thing
showed on a huge wide screen display. "Wurst", "Sauerkraut" and "Senf"
were all in place. From my understanding the band was only on the
opening day, but the festival goes on to Oct 21st at the Fen Yang

Paulainer 啤酒节

Paulainer 是一个德国来的啤酒,和他们在上海有三家酒吧。在啤酒节开幕的时候有德国来的乐队和非常地道的德国菜肴。

开幕[開-] kāimù v.o. ①〈thea.〉 raise the curtain ②open; inaugurate (meeting/etc.)
地道 dìdao s.v. ①from the place noted for a product; genuine ②pure; authentic;
菜肴[-餚] càiyáo* n. 〈wr.〉 ①cooked food ②food eaten with rice or alcoholic drinks
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An authentic Brauhaus (Beerhouse)

Octoberfest band was flown in all the way from Germany, whose purpose
may be that the crowds must get so drunk they don't pay attention to
this a times quite tiresome music style. To further add to it's
authenticity Paulainer also had brewed a special Octoberfest beer in
it's micro brewery.

在乎 zàihu v. ①care about; mind | Nǐ ∼ bù ∼ wǒ yòng nǐ de diànnǎo? Do
you mind if I use your computer? ②lie in; rest with
好坏[-壞] hǎo-huài n. good and bad
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Why I didn’t go to school the day after

My great plan was to return home at midnight, but the staff was very
friendly and filled up our table with beers 5 to midnight when our
"all we could drink deal" was about to expire. As a real Norwegian I
couldn't let all this good beer go to waste.. and with renewed
strength or rather lacking clarity of view, we ended up at Zapatas,
the craziest dancing place in town.


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