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16. November, 2006

Happy birthday Isabella Fiore!

Today is the first birtday of my daugther, and I hope the clothes I
sent her got there in time and are suitable. I would have loved to be
there, but now it's only one month before I will see her for the first
time. I hope there will be love at first sight.

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New roommate.. Diego returns

A week ago a friend from last semester at Fudan made a comeback to
China. To help out I let him stay in my room, and according to his
plan he will find a work and earn some hard cash real soon. Let's hope
he succeeds as two guys in one room is a little too intimate for my

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Exams and my birthday

I'm happy to have put mid term exams behind me, as well as my
birthday. Thanks for help, support and congratulations.

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6. November, 2006

International dinner gathering

International dinner gathering

This weekend I hosted a little international dinner experiment. 8 people, 6 chairs, 5 nationalities, 1 Korean chef and many helpers in my 1 sqm kitchen, 3 Korean delicious dishes served. The food was ready 2 hours later than planned, but in the end everyone were happy (though after adding some water to the most spicy dish – to make it edible for “ordinary” people). Indeed a nice experience!


这周末我接待一个国际性的晚餐,有8个人,6张椅子,有5个国家的朋友,1 厨师跟很多住手,做了3顿饭。食物迟到两个小时才上桌,但是最后大家都很开心(虽然有的人需要加些水,因为有点儿辣)。这真是一次愉快的经历。

集合 ¹jíhé* v. gather; assemble; muster
住手 ³zhùshǒu v.o. stay one's hand; stop (helpers)
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Korean Magic

Korean Magic

Jin Xuan Jun makes the calls in the kitchen, I’m assisting and learning some tips for how to cook Korean food. You add some really spicy sauce, and when it’s spicy enough, add some more!..



魔法 mófǎ* n. ①conjuration ②sorcery; witchcraft; wizardry
指挥[-揮] zhǐhuī v. command; direct; conduct ◆n. ①commander; director ②〈mus.〉 conductor
辣酱[-醬] làjiàng n. thick chili paste M:³píng/³guàn
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Fresh food

Fresh food

Have you ever been chasing crazy shrimps jumping around in your kitchen, and then eating those 10 minutes later? That’s when you know you are eating fresh food. The shrimps are here being prepared (killed) by my roommate’s girlfriend.



曾经[-經] céngjīng adv. once; ever
虾(F蝦) [xiā] shrimp
如此 rúcǐ* v.p. thus; like this; such
尽情[盡-] ¹jìnqíng* adv. as much as one likes
吃掉 chīdiào r.v. ①eat up; take ②annihilate; wipe out ③absorb; incorporate
下锅[-鍋] xiàguō* v.o. put into a pot/pan/wok
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1. November, 2006

Sworn brothers

Because of the one child policy there’s a lot of brothers and sisters in China that’s actually “only” good friends. I am such a sworn brother with my Korean classmate, and once we were heading out for a Japanese Halloween party, we decided to wear similar costumes. Only pity we were just about the only that were dressed up,.. 兄弟们
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