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30. August, 2006

Peppes Pizza opens in China!

After one year of preparations, the Norwegian Pizza Chain Peppes opened it's first restaurant in China, soon to be followed by 2 more at first. Ørjan Fredriksen Chief Operating Officer of Peppes Pizza International, has done a fantastic job in transferring the warm atmosphere, cozy interior (trolls greeting at the entrance, skis on the wall and even a moose horn chandelier), and not to forget the authentic Peppes Pizza taste, including their wonderful Sour Cream.
Thanks for a wonderful opening evening, where everything was on the house.

As a former employee I give my best wishes for the operation, and I'm confident it will be a success. Pizza Hut is already immensely popular with guest lining up outside the doors of their restaurants, and since Peppes deliver a superior product I foresee a great future, not only popular among expats, but Chinese as well.

经过一年的准备, 来自挪威的比萨饼派乐仕餐馆登陆中国, 马上接着还有两家. Ørjan Fredriksen 领袖派乐仕国际, 精彩棒极了. 我祝他们成功, 我有信心他们一定会非常受欢迎的.

Address/ 地址:
Nanjing Xi Lu No. 2066 (Zhenning lu, Yong yuan lu)
南京西路 2066 号 www.peppes.cn
[UPDATE, Peppes Pizza has closed this restaurant in Shanghai 18 months later]
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The holy grail

Any connoisseur of Peppes knows that their "Knock out pai" is the supreme product Peppes offers (certainly along with the special sour cream), however due to its time consuming processing, they could not offer it on the opening day. Regardless it was interesting to have a glance at the menu, all complete with Chinese characters. The pricing was also pleasant, at 98RMB (80KR) I guess "personalrabatt" (discount for employees) won't be necessary. The Knock out that eventually played out was maybe Eivind's "just-1-more-beer-after-party", but that's another story.

风味菜 - 击倒派
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WuGongShan mountain

The most famous tourist attraction of Jiangxi province might be the WoGong Mountain. The climb up to the summit was spectacular with beautiful waterfalls, but the top was very special with it's characteristic undulating hilltops, grass covered with scarce trees.

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YiLong Cave

A sightseeing spot near Pingxiang was a 4,2 km long cave, well prepared for loads of tourists. Nothing wrong with the light setting.

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Almost married

Inside "YiLong" cave, I was spellbound of a number of Guangxi province nymphs ("kinesisk hulder"?) dancing enticingly. When their performance approached it's end, one of them wanted to put a beautiful necklace on me (what I did not know was that I had to marry her if I accepted the ornament - at least according to the tradition).

义龙洞里, 广西姑娘表演当地的舞蹈。结束后, 一个姑娘要给我一条绣球。
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14. August, 2006

Dining out @ O-edo

A splendid dinner at an upper class Japanese restaurant: O-EDO. We (Evind, Mona, and Torill - Evinds ex-flatmate from London) met for a wonderful heap of fresh fish. All you can eat (and drink!) were 200 RMB (160 NOK), wich is one of the more pricy alternatives of its kind, though in Norway I would only have had the (3) drinks for that price. This is one of Eivinds favourite sushi places, due to it's consisten realiable fresh dishes. If you go there, don't miss out on the gratinated scallops, or the salmon wraps with cheese and a thin slice of lotus root!


一顿非常鲜美的饭,在比较贵饭店:大江户。 我们吃了很多新鲜鱼类。 随便吃是200块,一点儿贵比别的饭店,但是在挪威只饮料费一样多了。那家饭店是一个的 Eivind's 最喜欢的, 因为鱼类是那么新鲜,可以放心吃了。

More information/情报

Address/地址 东湖路30 号,淮海中路及长乐路间
电话 5403 3332
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36'C - feels like 42'C

June, July is hot,.. and rain season. August is hot,.. and sunny (drought has severely struck farmers).

According to Weather.com it is right now 36 decrees Celsius, but as the report says, it feels like 42. This is due to high humidity. Furthermore the visibility is quoted to "poor", due to the lid of smog and heat "hanging in the air".

Actually it's so hot that the Central Meteorological Observatory has issue "the high temperature alarm". According to the weather forecast, the high temperature weather will be last for some days. Pls take care of heatstroke prevention." On the good side, it's unlikely to get much worse, maybe except for the farmers that has already lost almost all their crops.

摄氏三十六度, 感觉像比摄氏四十二度一样。

六月,七月是暖和,.. 还有降雨量。八月是还热得,也阳光充足的。现在是那么热,再电视广播警告: "自己注意安全, 避免热度"。幸亏了, 天气不能成为更热多了, 但是农民的农作物已经坏了。
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12. August, 2006

Fresh air on 38th floor

A random building, a elevator, stair-case, and unlocked doors to the roof. What does the sign "keep the door closed, access strictly prohibited" mean anyway, "jeg snakker bare norsk, rite?". The roof provided fresh air, a great view, and an enormous Ericsson advertisement. Much better than the overcrowded, behind glass regular sightseeing spots.


随意的建筑物, 电梯, 开了门口的锁。门口上挂着牌子;"不可以去在房顶".. 看不动, 我是外国人, 对啊? 那里楼上空气新鲜, 景色优美的, 和有一个确实大广告牌。真更好比挤满人的官名胜, 也后面窗户。
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Grins with celebrity...

... in Wax.

Chinese basket ball superstar Yao Ming, meets unknown up-and coming soon to be superstar "Jiang Hao De" (me). Although somewhat shorter, I enjoy somewhat progress in squash. Sports is important for a good life, however recreation level is more than enough for me. Today I bought a new squash racquet, after I grew tired of the "cheapest-on-the-market-steel-raquet" I bought at first.

大小跟有名的一起。。。 在蜡走的。

有名中国的运动员姚明遇见名气小点的但是也很棒的江浩德(我)。 只不过我没有那么高,但是常常锻炼身体打壁球。锻炼身体对生活快乐很重要。今天买了一个新的壁球球拍。

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At the SH Science museum, I go for a spin in this device that makes me weightless, at least for a blessed brief moment. Well down on the ground again, some rumors in China says I have a fat arse, but this is of course completely nonsense. As a matter of fact I haven't changed at all since I left Norway (still good old less than 70kg), it's just the people around me that has changed. Apparently bamboo sporout and rice is a helthy diet for the chinese,myself however I mix my diet with many home coocked western delicateciess.

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