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29. January, 2007

Shallow water!

In my search for deep water I set out from the beach,.. but as I arrived at
the island in the horison, I just had to give up for now. At least I did not
copy my mistake Morten and I did when we went for a "short" swim on our
first day - that time we didn't wear sunscreen.
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Bungalow life

I ended up taking the night bus to Koh Chang,.. the elephant island (due to
it's shape). A simple bungalow is all that I need to be happy,.. 50 RMB / 40
NOK pr night, shower across the courtyard. A one hour massage is the same
price... but that's too expensive ehhrm..? Hmm.. why did't I bring a silk
linen bag...
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Arriving at the Elephantisland

After one night in Nontha Buri I moved down to Bangkok and met up with a
former classmate from Fudan from last spring semester. Lin from Thailand is
crazy about china and chinese and is coming back again for this spring
semester. Here from the busy and popular bar street Khaosan road.
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Been here before?

I wonder if this could be the same place I visited a few years ago with some
of my best friends. I encurage comments to the picture..
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Jeg tror også det er det første stedet vi bodde på ett par dager i Bangkok. Der hadde veldig god chicken green curry og en shot med interessant farge kalt kamikaze.
(2007-01-29 13:26)

Koh Kret was famous for ceramics...

I'm not sure if these items were for sale, but there were extreme amounts of
high quality ceramics here - all hand made, and not much more expensive than
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... and candy

Here massproduction of some very sweet eggbased candy. Free tastes for
everyone. For a bried minute I was a moviestar giving my feedback to a 3
people camera team.
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Along the riverside.

A lot of houses on poles along this river, floating all the way to Bangkok.
Here close to Nontha Buri.
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Arriving in Thailand

Arriving in Thailand at midnight, and no planning made whatsoever, it was a
pleasant nice surprice of being invited home to the people sitting next to
me in the airplane (the boy and girl on the far sides of the picture). They
didn't speak much english, but the Boy (indeed his name) was also studying
chinese in China, so we got around. Boy's mother to the left of boy woke and
served us excellent night food at 1 am! Here on a boat trip to a local
tourist site, Koh Kret.
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27. January, 2007

Holidays, earthquake and Vista..

Lately my blog has been rather inactive, and except this
“batch-blog-posting” it will probably stay this for another month. Lately
I was 3 weeks on holiday in Norway, now I’ve been 3 weeks in China again,
but today I go 3 weeks to Thailand/Cambodia(back feb 23rd). On holidays my
blog activity is rather low, and once I came back I was seriously hampered
by a slow internet caused by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake between Hong Kong
and Taiwan, destroying primary fiber optical fibers C that has rendered
Asia’s Internet extremely slow in contact with overseas web servers. To top
my list of off the point excuses, it’s taken some time to get used to
Windows Vista that I boldly decided to be a “pioneer with”.

放假,地震 和更型换代

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Farewell party, end of 2nd semester.

A lively bunch of party people, primarily people from Japan, Korea, and
Thailand, with friends. Another sad farewell, some drinking too much, some
shedding tears. It's sad to take farewell to many friends, but at least I'm
staying - leaving everything behind is always the worst. I've decided to
keep up my studies one more semester with a private tutor - actually with a
fully qualified teacher that moves in my guest room in return for a free
stay. The next 5 months are fixed.
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