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11. February, 2007

Parting ways

Mike and Matt goes back to Bangkok, Bill (second from the right) and I keep
going on in Cambodia, down to the coast and going back up from the coast
eventually to Bangkok. In the background, Angkor Wat,.. bye bye to great
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Local dance performance

Many restaurants attract coustomers with free dance performance included. I
can't say how genuine it is, but I did notice that the two ancle ornaments
they were wearing were also on the temple carvings of wommen from ancient
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Preparing the duck

The duck itself is being cooked, but first the blod is drained and kept
fresh, and when the dish is served the blood is added. Nice!,.. anyone said
something about avian flu??
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Easy come, easy go

Easy tiger, or friend and taxidriver invited us to his home, wife, and
children, and we had a big feast.

However at the end of the day he said he couldn't drive us in his car on the
third day and wanted to take us in a tuktuk for the same price, we said we
wanted a lower price (business is business) or money back for the third day.
Somehow we parted in a very unfriendly way, but we gave him a just amount.
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Village party

Things were pretty crazy in this village party we came to close to our
taxid-driver-man's house. Very strange experience, all the men and
children wanted to dance with or touch us and all girls were shy and staid
far away. Everyone were sober and we danced around in a big circle with
strange music..!
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Munk resting

This munk were resting on a temple and very many people took photos of him,.
but what is he doing with his hand?? Exhibisionist?
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Gimmi an elephant

Well,.. might be some time before I'm riding elephants as I've decided to
trade away the Chiang Mai elephant trekking in favour of the Cambodian
coast. Tomorrow I go to Sinukville
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Eye for details


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Temple'n flora


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