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19. March, 2007

Jun's housewarming party

My Korean "sworn brother" Jun - is back in Shanghai and found himself a nice
apartment close to汶水东路站,and he took personally good care of all the
girls - always a gentleman.
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Playing the lute to a cow

My girlfriend recently used an interesting idiom (成语), "playing the lute
for a cow (对牛弹琴)" which means choose your audience - i.e. a cow is not
able to appreciate music. She recently took me to an theater performance (戏
剧), but alas I was not blown away... nor understood a word.
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Sichuan magic

I recently went to a SiChuan restaurant with great food and interior,
besides it's very famous for it's show with an artist changing masks - 变脸
-(so fast you cannot see it happening).

Try it! BaGuoBuYi restaurant DingXi road 1018, 巴国布衣,定西路1018号, tel
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High and low

During 10 days in Shanghai may parents were high and low (literally when
ascending the Oriental Pearl The tower is not the highest, but has the very
nice Shanghai historic museum in the basement that my parents were very
impressed by. Besides the current highest building is being surpassed by an
even higher Japanese building project just a block away. And with this photo
I'd like to say thanks for their visit.
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Textile market and tailor

Tailor made is nice to buy in china as labor costs are so low. Here some
curtains for mum.

The fabric was “Thai silk / 泰丝 ” , more about that:
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Peking duck

In place of going to Beijing, we decided to go to a Beijing cuisine
restaurant especially famous for their Peking Duck. Nice,.. but where's the

The restaurant was QuanJuDe - HuaiHai middle road 786 *全聚,淮海中路786号
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Pearl bonanza

Buying "big" in the pearl market, export potential? Mum is carefully
examining the merchandise.
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Nightmare in Shanghai

A boatcruise on Huang Pu was the worst experience of my father during his
stay in Shanghai, 45 minutes on a ice cold and petrol smelling boat, and a
waste of money!
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Mama budda

Passing by a temple..
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Not impossible

XiTang, where mission impossible were produced partially. However at one
time Tom Cruise jumps from a window in this quiet village and ends up in the
heart of Shanghai, that kind of stunts are only possible on film!
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